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Dan Davis: Hi Piotrek! Can you tell us a few words about Kromproom?

Piotr Krompiewski: Hi Dan! The name Kromproom was created for my solo music project. It derives from the first part of my surname Krompiewski and the English word Room, because I record music in my home studio, in my room. The first time I used this name was in 2001, and I’ve also used the variations Kromp Room and KrompRoom, but usually I use Kromproom. The name also tells us about the sound of the music, which uses the Room reverberation effect which is intended to emphasize the sound by focusing on its details.

Dan Davis: You recently released the single ROAD featuring Tomek Grochola. It’s a great song and a great version of the song. Could you tell us something more about it?

Piotr Krompiewski: I’m glad that you like the song and let me say a few words about Tomek Grochola. He is a well-known artist because he is the vocalist and co-founder of one of the first industrial rock bands in Poland, Agressiva 69. The band has been nominated for several awards, as well as collaborating with many well-known artists, and has played concerts next to Prodigy, Paradise Lost, New Model Army, The Mission, Front 242, Marc Almond and Alphaville. The band has also played live to the ground-breaking German film Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis directed by Walther Ruttmann. I could talk about Agressiva 69 for ages, but let's go back to the single ROAD, which is our first production together. Tom also likes electronic music, and we are both fans of groups such as Underworld, Fluke and Yello. ROAD is our interpretation of a type of music which we have defined as trance-electronic-rock. The single was released digitally, and we have also uploaded it on YouTube as an audio track, so we invite all listeners to listen, share and review ROAD. Additionally, some superb remixes of the single are in the pipeline.

Dan Davis: How would you describe Kromproom’s music?

Piotr Krompiewski: I can’t be neatly pigeonholed into one style. My music is a mixture of personal musical fascinations. I have been a fan of heavy music since I was a young boy in the early 90s; bands such as Biohazard, Rage Against the Machine, Agressiva 69 and Pro-Pain. However, I’m also into the demoscene and the Polish and foreign electronic music scenes. Jean Michel Jarre, Marek Biliński, Yello, Kraftwerk, Władysław Komendarek, Depeche Mode, Underworld, Fluke, Leftfield in particular have been inspirational and given me the power to create music. Listeners who know Kromproom have probably noticed that the music is not as comfortable and clean as classic electronic music. It doesn’t have as much dirtiness as punk rock, but Kromproom electronic music is an attempt to find a compromise between these two worlds.

Dan Davis: Can you say a few words about the video for Android, which is taken from the soundtrack album Revolution, Baby! - Darkness?

Piotr Krompiewski: It is a pity that the video for Android has not yet seen the light of day, but this depends to a large extent on the director Marek Holewiński, who is doing it primarily as a passion project. His personal affairs have halted the production of the video. As soon as I have some more positive information, you will be sure to learn about it immediately.

Dan Davis: In the past, you've done a song entitled Cyborg (NASA's spacewalkers). What do you know about aliens? Do you think that we are alone in the universe?

Piotr Krompiewski: When I was a young boy, my friends and I used to meet and talk about space and the sci-fi books which we had just read. A lot of my friends read the books of Stanisław Lem, who wrote Solaris, which went on to be a film adaptation directed by Steven Soderbergh, co-produced by James Cameron and starring George Clooney. I remember very well the books of Andrzej Sapkowski, who wrote the Witcher saga, which a lot of gamers admire in its adaptation as one of the best computer games in the world. I would say that I am hugely interested in the Universe; I believe that we are not alone and the answer to this question could bring us great developments in technology and science. This is why my dream is for people to stop fighting each other, and for governments to find a common language and combine their forces to jointly explore the cosmos.

Dan Davis: In your opinion, in a few hundred years will cyborgs which will be practically indistinguishable from us live among us? Will this revolutionize the erotic industry, for example? Will it revolutionize the work market? Ha ha :)

Piotr Krompiewski: For decades the development of technology has been running very fast. In the near future, robotics will have a huge impact on our private lives. Currently, automation is of the utmost importance. It can be observed that more and more people are fascinated by the subject of cyberpunk, which is about the relationships between humans and cyborgs, who work, learn and love like people, but can also be dangerous for us. In my opinion, the cyborgs of the future will be clones of us and we will have to deal with both good and evil cyborgs. Therefore, it will depend on us whether the sex industry and labour market will be dominated by robots. Nowadays, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, mechanics and electronics are at a very high level of development and I think we are close to creating a cyborg with artificial intelligence. Maybe somewhere in secret laboratories cyborgs already exist.

Dan Davis: What is currently your favourite Kromproom track?

Piotr Krompiewski: It is difficult for me as the producer of my music to choose which track is the best, but of my solo productions I have a fond regard for all the tracks on my first album Black Import from 2003. I also recommend my last solo album Tenacity which was released digitally in 2015.

Dan Davis: You've done a remix for the song In the Darkness by Telekon. Can you say something more about it?

Piotr Krompiewski: Telekon is a musical project founded in 2016 by Juan Grande (Techni-ka) and Raúl Muñoz-Torrero (Insight) from Spain. These gentlemen contacted me on Facebook and asked if I could do a remix of their first single In the Darkness. I agreed and did it. My remix, along with other remixes can be found on the duo's Bandcamp page. You're welcome.

Dan Davis: Also you did the remix of the song People's Talents for the project Dark Phenomenon. Can you say a few words about this?

Piotr Krompiewski: The Dark Phenomenon is the solo project of the Russian artist Roman Radchenko. His music is released on the Russian Electro-Synthpop label ScentAir Records, which also releases music by the previously mentioned project Telekon. In this case the owners of the label Vladimir Romanov and Alexander Kalmykov called me and asked if I would produce a remix for of the track People's Talents. The track is taken from the single Consoled released in 2013. I would also recommend you visit the band page on Bandcamp, where along with my remix you can listen to other tracks, and also the Russian label's official website, where you can find and listen to a lot of music.

Dan Davis: What song or album can you recommend to those who have not listened to your music yet?

Piotr Krompiewski: As for my solo productions, I recommend the aforementioned two albums Black Import (2003) and Tenacity (2015). I also recommend the album Abgrund, which I produced with my wife as the duo EKS-port. The album is dedicated entirely to your autobiography called art-book Abgrund. Of course, we should not forget about the soundtrack Darkness I produced along with Jens Esch Centurio for your novel Revolution, Baby! I am very proud, that I could compose music for your books. While listening to these albums, everyone will find something for themselves.

Dan Davis: A very good track is ABS, which is taken from the album 7788 km/h released in 2013. Can you say something more about it?

Piotr Krompiewski: It’s nice to hear it. In my opinion ABS is very danceable track just like the whole album 7788 km/h, which came out of my wife's love of automotive and break beat music. Eli is a fan of this style and, She loves listening to The Crystal Method, Junkie XL and Propellerhead, and these bands to a great extent inspired us to record the track and the album. ABS has been remixed by great artists such as The Psychic Force from Germany, Vulturius from Poland, Jamick from Poland and, DJ Dubtron from India. On the Mixcloud portal you can listen to all the remixes of this track in one set.

Dan Davis: Another very good track is Flesh for XTC, which comes from the soundtrack Darkness released in limited edition on CD. How long have you worked on music with Jens Esch? Can you tell us more information about this?

Piotr Krompiewski: Thank you! This song is really powerful and well sung by Jens. We worked on the whole Darkness album at a distance. Jens was recording in Germany, I was recording in the Czech Republic and we sent our ideas to each other online. It was not an easy collaboration, but when I listen to this song and other productions on this soundtrack I am very pleased and proud. It's hard to say exactly how much time we spent on this song and the rest of Darkness, but it was months of hard yet creative work.

Dan Davis: What can you tell us about the EP Transmitter?

Piotr Krompiewski: This is a long story but I’ll try to present it briefly. In 2003, after releasing the album Black Import, I started working on a second album but, due to personal problems, I recorded only four tracks. Because of these problems, I could not record any more tracks, so I released it digitally as the EP Transmitter in 2009. When Carlos Perón became interested in my music, I sent him my album Black Import, which originally included eleven tracks and plus the four-track Transmitter EP. Carlos remastered all the tracks and released a special 15-track edition of Black Import in 2010. I have a great fondness for this EP because when I listen to these tracks I return to the times when I lived in Poland.

Dan Davis: You also produced the Centurio beatz Kromproom EP. Is there a full CbK album project planned?

Piotr Krompiewski: The CbK project was initiated by Jens Esch Centurio in 2011. We had been very ambitious about this project, but finished after the release of this three-track EP. I remember the interview you had with Jens Esch about CbK on 10/2/2012 where Jens presented our duo very nicely. I keep in touch with Centurio, but we both have our own lives. When I moved from Poland to the Czech Republic I increased the distance between me and Jens. In addition, Jens has begun to do what he loves most, photography and film making. Of course he continues to create music, especially for his photo collages and movies. I think we’ll have to wait a long time for an album. It’s also possible that it won’t be recorded, but I plan to produce CbK remixes with selected artists, that I will release on our Kromp Room Records as a long play remix album.

Dan Davis: What is the next Kromproom project?

Piotr Krompiewski: You've probably noticed that apart from my solo work, I'm involved in a variety of musical projects. The next project is a co-operation with Tomek Grochola from Agressiva 69. Our single ROAD is the beginning of this collaboration. We are also currently preparing some remixes of ROAD, so along with these releases we want to start promoting the official name of our duo. We plan to release a second single this year but under the new name of the project: Kings in White.

Dan Davis: Thank you Piotr!

Piotr Krompiewski: Thank you too!

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