EKS-port's Single Brakuje Nam Depnięcia (Remastered)

Aktualizace: 30. kvě 2019

The first single EKS-port - Brakuje Nam Depnięcia was released on EP and debut album eks-peryment publish in digital form by Carlos Perón's label in 2011. Eliška MC Else Krompiewska and Piotr Kromproom Krompiewski have a great fondness for this recording, therefore we have decided to release it again with a more space and bass sound. The 17th of December 2018 was the date of the premiere of the single with the new cover art. Taking this opportunity in this year was the time to devote to preparations for 2019. In the New Year, we are going to show really interesting releases and it is possible that we will come to you with an informative surprise this year. We wish you all Merry Christmas!

Music produced by EKS-port

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