Udo Volfram Joins KROMP ROOM RECORDS: A Fusion of Artistic Worlds and Musical Innovation

 In 2024, KROMP ROOM RECORDS, a music label specializing in various styles of electronic music, is proud to announce the full-scale arrival of a new artist named Udo Volfram. Behind the mask of Udo Volfram there is a talented artist, Robert Kuśmirowski, known in the world of contemporary art as a performer, creator of installations, objects and photographs.

"OBUH Studio" (Photo by J. Wierzchoś)

Robert Kuśmirowski, born in 1973 in Łódź, is a multidimensional figure capable of surprising with the diversity of his artistic endeavors. A graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Kuśmirowski also studied at the University of Rennes 2 and Beaux-Arts Rennes in France. He gained fame during his studies, making his debut in 2002 with a solo exhibition at the Biała Gallery in Lublin, where he reconstructed a railway station with a train car on a siding. His works are characterized by grandeur, innovation, and historical context. He often incorporates a musical theme, as seen in the realization of the UHER.C music studio from the 1960s, where, in addition to dummy and quasi-playing modules, devices from the era of technological development in Western countries were also featured.

UHER.C Guido Costa Project 2008

The latest chapter in Robert Kuśmirowski's career is his arrival at KROMP ROOM RECORDS in 2021 under the pseudonym Udo Volfram. The artist joins the label with a remix for the band Agressiva 69 on the track "Dlaczego nie ty?". This move represents a fascinating intersection of the worlds of contemporary art and electronic music. In 2021, Udo Volfram transforms the song by adding a unique electronic dimension that complements the original sound of Agressiva 69. This synergy of talents promises intriguing and innovative experiences for fans of both artists. Kuśmirowski had previously made a name for himself as a composer of music. In 1989, he co-founded the Lublin-based band "Radio OXO". Since 1991, he has been part of the duo "Undegun" and in 1992, he ultimately joined the death metal formation "Sannyasin". Currently, in addition to musical and publishing projects, or collaborating in the duo "F 60" with Eryk Paluch, he also inaugurates his own series of meetings on concrete music, "AUDIOmatic," at CSK Lublin.

The art of Robert Kuśmirowski and the music of Udo Volfram represent two alternating artistic worlds created by a single individual. The surprising combination of Robert Kuśmirowski's art with Udo Volfram's music seems to create an innovative space where different artistic disciplines come together. It also affirms that the boundaries between various art forms are becoming increasingly fluid, providing creators with the opportunity to explore and draw inspiration in new ways. An example of this is the album produced by UHER.C in 2008, in collaboration with the Judica Cordiglia Brothers from Turin, pioneers in recording sounds from outer space during the Cold War era.

"UHER.C" album - 2008

The artist's latest musical endeavor was a performative action at the "Center for Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTEKA" in Krakow, where, in addition to a spectacular art exhibition, experimental recordings were created with other artists. These recordings were compiled into a single album release titled "THIRTY TO TOMORROW."

Cover of vinyl "Thirty To Tomorrow - Music Combined For An Art Exhibition", 2022

Udo Volfram's inclusion in KROMP ROOM RECORDS opens the doors to fascinating musical and artistic projects. He possesses a rich archive of recordings that have yet to see the light of day, and he intends to release them. For fans of both worlds - art and electronic music - it is certainly worth keeping an eye on what the future of this inspiring collaboration will bring. KROMP ROOM RECORDS, as a label with a passion for musical diversity, has found in Udo Volfram another creator who will introduce new and exciting sounds to its catalog. We eagerly await the upcoming works from this promising collaboration, as a musical surprise is on the horizon. Warm regards, and stay tuned.

1999 Udo Volfram
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