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From Krosno Odrzańskie to the World: 'Aggressive Driver 2' by Kromproom and Flormen

  We are thrilled to announce the release of "Aggressive Driver 2," a fresh take on the original track "Aggressive Driver," which was featured on the album "7788 km/h" by the duo EKS-port in 2013. EKS-port was a collaborative project between Kromproom and his former wife, MC Else. The first version of "Aggressive Driver" resonated deeply with listeners, including the artist Flormen, who was inspired to write powerful new lyrics and record a vocal line in his home studio. Both Kromproom and Flormen hail from the small town of Krosno Odrzańskie in western Poland. Their shared history and close bond since childhood have brought a unique synergy to this collaboration. In "Aggressive Driver 2," Kromproom retains the core composition of the original track but introduces enhanced percussion and Flormen’s compelling vocal performance, delivering a strong and impactful message. Kromproom has also

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