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Following the Sun by Kromproom is Available Worldwide

  Kromproom's latest single Following the Sun has been available to listen to online for a few days now. The release contains the original song in two versions, a radio version of over three minutes and a longer version of over five minutes. The single also features a bonus track of over nine minutes entitled In Real Time. Piotr Krompiewski posted on his official blog that the single is dedicated to those people who want to change their lives, to leave a place of suffering. Peter is a person of faith, seated in a different way in reality, which is why he believes that love, empathy, helping your fellow man and understanding are beautiful values. More than once in his life, he found himself in a place where not a single bit of love was felt. In such spaces, anxiety, fear, and insecurity are born, the level of values is lowered, and the person begins to suffocate in hopelessness. The last place he found himself was so dark that he realised how far he was from God. So he decided, am

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