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After a long break Piotr Krompiewski is happy to be back here

  After a long break Piotr Krompiewski is happy to be back here and to share some new information with us. Over the last few months a lot has changed in his personal and artistic life. Among other things, these changes have led him to return to his original project called Kromproom. Work on the latest Kromproom's single is coming to an end, which will feature the original version of the track, a version for radio stations and a surprise "bonus track". Piotr Krompiewski aka Kromproom Since 2015 Kromproom started sending his creative energy towards other artists such as Agressiva 69, BlueForge, Outsized, Blind Passenger, Kings in White, Blitzkrieg and others. He also paid more attention to the development of the KROMP ROOM RECORDS label. The changes that have come have led him to take stock of his own work emotionally. As he wrote in this article , music was and is therapy for him. When he listened to his own work a few days ago, he felt sadness, confusion, fear in the musi

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