Official Video of Agressiva 69 Dlaczego nie ty? Why Not You?

The premiere of the latest video of the band Agressiva 69 entitled Dlaczego nie ty? Why not you? took place on January 22, 2022. In the video was used a concert of the band, which took place during the XIX Wroclaw Industrial Festival in 2020.

Part of a human face peering through the slightly undulating black and white fabric with the polish words dlaczego nie ty? DEFORMACJA
GFX by Michał Kuraś

The video was created on the basis of a recorded concert by the organisers of the Wrocław Industrial Music Festival and Michał Kuraś, who together with Tomek Grochola, vocalist of Agressiva 69, is responsible for the graphic design of the released single. The video was not released at the same time as the single, thanks to which the interest in the new release did not decrease. Fans of industrial music, and not only, received the whole project, which exposure on the Internet was skilfully dosed. As Piotr Krompiewski has already written on his personal blog, the musical combination of electronic stylistics straight from the Underworld with the musical world of The Killing Joke, now also with the video, gives the listeners a specific audio-visual kick. Watch and judge for yourself.

What additional surprise has the band prepared for us?

The band, together with us, has published the latest single on Bandcamp. You can download it for a small fee. We invite all fans of industrial and electronic music to support Agressiva 69 by listening, sharing and downloading their latest release. The band has quite a large body of work.

We wish you good health and positive energy.

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