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Musical Summary of 2014!

The Album of The Week on Radio Aspekt! Centurio & Kromproom - Darkness!

Centurio and Kromproom - Hunter (kromproom longer mix) - Free Listening on SoundCloud!

Buy Now The Novel REVOLUTION, BABY! By Dan Davis

Centurio and Kromproom - Darkness (main title) - Bonus CD Darkness

WANT/ed - (You) Won't Regret - Available Worldwide by Aquo Rec Records!

Mixed Compilation – Blessed Gifts of Techno (second parcel) by Mastakaspa on Mixcloud!

EKS-port - 100 Octane (I love my car) - Free Listening on SoundCloud!

Electromecanico C by Cyberpunk.Argentina.Netlabel from Buenos Aires

EKS-port - Gasoil y Gasolina - Official Video!

The Magazine 2000 plus Kosmos Erde Mensch and the Article about the Novel Revolution, Baby! by Dan Davis

The Science Fiction Novel Revolution, Baby! Advertisements At 2000 plus Europa Spezial 2 and Q'Phaze

A New EKS-port Video - Coming Soon!

Centurio - Krasnoyarsk Reactor on the Midnight Radio Compilation Vol. 2 - Free Download!

Kromproom - Annihilating Rhythm - Hannan Hashim Remix - Track Review

Kromproom - Technology - Track Review!

Stream And Download - Kromproom Annihilating Rhythm - Available Worldwide!

Kromproom has used the sample pack provided by Novation in his competition entry

Kromproom's playlist! Free Listening on SoundCloud!

Promo set! Free Listening on SoundCloud!

Kromproom - Annihilating rhythm - Radio edit - Free Listening on SoudCloud!

Kromproom - Annihilating Rhythm - Remixed by Hannan Hashim - PRE-ORDER!

Kromproom - Annihilating Rhythm - Remixed by Vulturius - PRE-ORDER!

Kromproom - Annihilating Rhythm - Remixed by Jamick - PRE-ORDER!

Kromproom - Annihilating Rhythm - PRE-ORDER!