EKS-port - Gasoil y Gasolina - Official Video!

The EKS-port duo published the video that was created by themselves. Here is what the musicians said about the work on the music video and about the message it is carrying.

MC Else: It was my intention to give a Spanish title for this song that sounds very eloquent. The entire album on which this track is located was created out of my love for the automotive industry, which still cannot exist without oil and gasoline. The video is leaving space for its own reflection and interpretation.

Kromproom: We were shooting footages for this video with a small camera on a tripod and a mobile phone. We created the only amateur micro movie plan in our not yet renovated bathroom (hahahaaa ...). In Polish Cieszyn Town, we did some footages by mobile phone, and then we edited everything using software on our computer. We realize that this is not professional work, but we are glad to express ourselves by the video.

Watch, share and comment on the official video of the track Gasoil y Gasolina on YouTube. The track is taken from the EKS-port's latest album titled 7788 kmh, that is available to stream and download worldwide from the 6th of March 2013.

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