Kromproom - Annihilating rhythm - Radio edit - Free Listening on SoudCloud!

Another face out of many from Kromproom. In his diversity of styles, Kromproom is always on the hunt for a complete and balanced sound. A musician is only as good as his last achievement. What's comes next is like living in its self. The sunrise with a new day in front of you and just do better than before. It's a journey up to perfection. Lucky for the audience perfection is only an illusion of existence and never a result. By sunset, the musician realizes that the next day he has to start all over again. 

Erik Verreyken (Belgium)

You got a form of the dark side. One that protects you, one that destroys you. Annihilate this one at maximum volume cause it protects you.

Erik Verreyken (Belgium)

Photo by Jerzy Szmit


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