Mixed Compilation – Blessed Gifts of Techno (second parcel) by Mastakaspa on Mixcloud!

The track entitled Ethnism produced by Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski and Jens Esch "Centurio" is playing in the music compilation Blessed Gifts of Techno (second parcel) available on the Mixcloud platform.

Cover art by mastakaspa

The musical compilation was created by the artist with the pseudonym "mastakaspa", who is making available on his profile music compilations based on his own taste. On his Mixcloud profile, you can find a huge amount of music made available in the form of music compilations, for which he creates covers art himself. Mastakaspa has an artist soul, he is painting and collector of original CD records. His collection is unimaginably large, it is a huge library of music consists of worldwide music styles. Mastakaspa would be able to successfully work for well-known music labels such as Ninja Tune or Mute Records, creating lists of tracks from the label's achievements, creating some original covers art, and turning the whole into music compilations that could be successfully officially released.

Listen to the great mixed compilation by Mastakaspa including Kromproom ft. Centurio track titled 
Ethnism, that is taken from the single Danced with a robot.

Another selection of my favourite club tracks - more dancey than before, but still diverse!

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