Singles announcing the new album by the band Agressiva 69

 Agressiva 69 is a band that has become an industrial rock legend in Poland. A band that was close to truly great international success but anything can still happen.

The band has already shown two singles to announce the new album. We were pleased to release digitally the first one entitled Dlaczego nie ty? /Why not you?/ on the 6th of December in 2021. We have published several articles about the release, which you can read here. Below are their linked titles of these articles.

The latest news that has reached us is that the song 'Dlaczego nie ty?' has made it to the TOP-50 chart of event organisers [Insert-Scary-Name-Here] from Stuttgart in Germany. This is a very high ranking indeed, considering that, in addition to the band Agressiva 69, there are bands such as Placebo, Diorama, KMFDM and RammsteinEvent organisers have posted a video podcast of more than three hours on their official channel showcasing all fifty tracks on YouTube.

The second single is 1|11, which goes back to the roots of Agressiva 69's first album, Deus Ex Machina. As with the single Dlaczego nie ty? again, this time the band invited five artists (producers) to create five remixes alongside the original composition. This single has been released on 10″ limited vinyl and you can buy it from Requiem Records. A great video was published on the YouTube platform ahead of the single's release, definitely highlighting the industrial strong atmosphere.

Gaweł Bartek – drawing, Michał Kuraś - graphic design.


Side A
1. 1l11 AGRESSIVA 69
2. 1l11 Kings in White Remix
3. 1l11 Faults of Civilization Remix

Side B
1. 1l11 Misery Remix by GEttNER
2. 1l11 Lady Extasy Remix
3. 1l11 Dawid Chrapla Foundation of Misery Remix

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