Digital Pre-Premiere of Agressiva 69 - Dlaczego nie ty?

 The teaser for the upcoming single from Agressiva 69 entitled "Dlaczego nie ty" has been circulating on the Internet for a few days now. The release is including with eight remixes, that will be issued on the 6th of December.

Cover art by Michał Kuraś. Photo by Robert Kuśmirowski.

Today we would like to invite you to listen to the original track by Agressiva 69 entitled Dlaczego nie ty (Why not you). Today we have published the original composition together with two remixes, which were produced by such artists as Egoist and Udo Volfram. Piotr Witkowski (Exit Productions) is responsible for the sound of the original composition. The final sound of these remixes was supervised by none other than Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski and Tomasz Grochola co-founder and leader of the band Agressiva 69. Music platforms such as Deezer, Amazon Music, iTunes and Spotify have taken part in this pre-release. Of course, we will soon write reviews of each of the songs on this album, but for now, we wish you a pleasant listening experience.

Cover Art by Michał Kuraś. Photo by Robert Kuśmirowski.

Music Distribution by Rebeat Digital GmbH


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