Our review of Agressiva 69's Dlaczego nie ty?

 We finally got Agressiva 69's new single "Dlaczego nie ty". At the beginning of December, the Polish legend of industrial rock officially released digitally and on CD its latest track along with remixes. The release can easily be called a remix album because there are nine tracks on it in total.

Metal hammer handle with engraved Agressiva 69 band logo
Cover Art by Michał Kuraś. Photo by Robert Kuśmirowski.

In this article, we would like to focus on the original composition and graphic design of the release, which is the work of Michał Kuraś. The Exit studio, headed by Piotr Witkowski, is responsible for the track's production, mixing and mastering. The latest production is on the one hand a return to the roots and strong playing of Agressiva 69, on the other hand, you can hear the modernity in this production. Agressiva 69 asks us questions: Why not me? Why not you? Why not all of us? Depending on the context in which these questions are asked, each of us can tailor our own answer. The correct interpretation is where these questions play the role of parents. Parents often ask their children Why aren't you first? Why are you not the best? Such parental pressure generates unnecessary traumas in children's heads, which can accompany them later in their adult life.

As for the music, we feel that this composition is a combination of two worlds, the electronic Underworld with the world of The Killing Joke. Mixing a small amount of lyrics with trancey industrial rock music together makes for a meaningful mix. Apart from the latest track, you can also listen to as many as eight remixes by artists such as Kuba Łuka of Blare For A, C.H. District, Marek Tomera known as L'Freeq, Egoist, Bogusław Salnikow, Kings in White, SmoGGG and Udo Volfram. In the following articles, we will introduce the character of each remixer, additionally with a short but specific review of each remix. Apart from the great music, the graphic design of the whole release caught our attention.

Unfolded digipack by Agressiva 69 Dlaczego nie ty??
Photo by Requiem Records

Unfolded digipack by Agressiva Dlaczego nie ty?
Photo by Requiem Records

Michal Kuraś has done a beautiful job here. Tomasz Grochola vocalist of Agressiva 69 watched over this project and coordinated the whole undertaking. The effect is electrifying. In addition, the publication can be purchased on CD. The physical release of this remix album was handled by Requiem Records. Please visit the label's website to purchase. Remix reviews coming soon. We would also like to wish you healthy and merry Christmas.

Link to buy the CD requiem-records.com
Available online www.artistcamp.com