WANT/ed - (You) Won't Regret - Available Worldwide by Aquo Rec Records!

The Russian synth-pop band WANT/ed returns with a new singer Holger Müller (from Starlane) and is ready to release the new single, "(You) Won't Regret". The single also holds a B-side, "Baiter", and 6 remixes of "(You) Won't Regret".

In addition next to remixes by artists such as Jamick, Twisted Destiny, Kromproom also produced his official rework. In this remix, we can hear a combination of synth-pop with a delicate dubstep style, which resounds here mainly in the rhythm section. Very innovative mixed original sounds of the composition with the specific rhythm of Kromproom, which are giving this production an interesting atmosphere.

You can listen to and buy tracks at WANT/ed's Bandcamp page. The single is officially released by AQUO REC Records label from Mexico.

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