Kromproom that follows the Sun

 A preview of Kromproom's latest single called Following the sun will officially take place of the pre-order on 20 July 2022. A week later on 27 July, the single will be available digitally online on all known music platforms worldwide.

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For those music fans who are not yet familiar with Kromproom, a few words about him to start with. Under the pseudonym, Kromproom (also as Kromp Room) hides Polish producer Piotr Krompiewski. He took his first steps in creating music in the early 1990s, working on Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga computers. Between 1996 and 1998, he was a member of the Virtual Madness group, active in the so-called demoscene, created by pioneers in the use of computers to realise audiovisual projects called demos.

Kromproom's most recent release is the album entitled Tenacity, which was published in 2015. Since that year, Kromproom has dispersed his musical energy towards other artists, collaborating with Polish industrial rock legend Agressiva 69 or cold-wave band Bitzkrieg, among others. Together with the vocalist of Agressiva 69, Kromproom formed the duo Kings in White. Together, the men have produced a number of remixes for artists such as Agressiva 69 and Blitzkrieg, as well as for German bands Blueforge, Blind Passenger and Outsized.

A life situation and a series of other experiences led to Kromproom deciding to return to its original project. The artist announced that he had produced enough music that appealed to listeners with a taste for a darker style. From this period comes, for example, the soundtrack entitled Darkness, which Piotr Krompiewski produced together with German music producer Jens Esch Centurio. This album is the soundtrack to a science fiction novel, more precisely a fantasy political thriller entitled Revolution, Baby!, written by German writer Daniel Bosch, also known under the pseudonyms Dan Davis and David Simon. Kromproom was invited to this project by the author of the book himself, as well as by Carlos Peron, co-founder of the legendary band Yello.

The latest single, entitled Following The Sun, is dedicated to people who want but are afraid to change their lives for the better. The single features the latest track in two versions and a bonus track of over nine minutes entitled In Real Time. Kromproom has prepared rhythmic, ambient and organic electronica for listeners, into which this time he has poured positive emotions, which interact with the music to annihilate sadness and fear. The bonus track is a danceably intelligent journey. Music, like prayer, should give a person strength.

The sun shining beautifully over a carpet of clouds. The sun incorporated into the artist's name Kromproom, where the penultimate letter o is this beautifully shining sun

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