Following the Sun by Kromproom is Available Worldwide

 Kromproom's latest single Following the Sun has been available to listen to online for a few days now. The release contains the original song in two versions, a radio version of over three minutes and a longer version of over five minutes. The single also features a bonus track of over nine minutes entitled In Real Time.

Kromproom inscription, with the title of the Following the Sun single above it. Kromproom inscription embedded in the glowing sun above a carpet of clouds

Piotr Krompiewski posted on his official blog that the single is dedicated to those people who want to change their lives, to leave a place of suffering. Peter is a person of faith, seated in a different way in reality, which is why he believes that love, empathy, helping your fellow man and understanding are beautiful values. More than once in his life, he found himself in a place where not a single bit of love was felt. In such spaces, anxiety, fear, and insecurity are born, the level of values is lowered, and the person begins to suffocate in hopelessness. The last place he found himself was so dark that he realised how far he was from God. So he decided, among other things, to produce music into which he tried to transfer positive emotions. As well as coming into contact with well-wishers, he treated the work on the single as a therapy.

A smiling Piotr Krompiewski, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, against a white wall.
Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski

The radio station version of the song was dressed up with visuals. Kromproom is a fan of the demoscene, so the music, together with the visuals, looks like a demo (audiovisual work). On 3 August, the audio visualisation has been premiered on the artist's official YouTube channel. When Kromproom composed Following the Sun he wanted the music to tell a story. The rhythm section was programmed as if a human being was playing the electronic drums, and the synthesisers melodically complement the whole. When we first listened to the final version, it reminded us of a mixture of the Polish spirit of electronic music mixed with elements of Western electronica. A few days ago, Piotr Krompiewski was a special guest on a radio programme entitled Industrialooza, hosted by Tomasz Grochola and Tomasz Tumidajewicz. During the conversation, Tomek Grochola said that the song Following the Sun is synthy reminiscent of the German group Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze, and of Polish performers Komendarek, Łosowki, Biliński. It's an interesting observation, and we'll add from ourselves that all of this has been poured over a clubby break-beat rhythm section. The electronically ambient breakbeat invites you to follow the Sun.

The additional bonus composition is an over nine-minute dance track that, in our opinion, is perfectly inviting on the dance floor. A few of our friends who made it to the end listening to this track, even before the release, expressed that the music sounds like a modernised 90s. With one review comparing the music to the achievements of a band like Leftfield. This is very nice, as we know that Kromproom likes Leftfield and we are keeping our fingers crossed for their latest album, which will be released on 2 December 2022. We invite all interested listeners to listen, share and comment on this release and wish everyone lots of health and love.

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