Revolution, Baby! - DARKNESS - The Remixed Track Two Faces by Kromproom

 As we mentioned earlier in the article, the remixed track entitled Two Faces by EKS-port feat. Jens Esch CENTURIO has been chosen for the 2nd soundtrack of the science fiction novel 'REVOLUTION, BABY! by DAN DAVIS ('Revolution, Baby!' - DARKNESS). You can listen to the track on YouTube and SoundCloud. Watch, share, and review the special dubstep remix produced by Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski.

Photo by Piotr Krompiewski. Model MC Else.

Kromproom said he was prompted to produce the remix by the current climate in which dubstep is very popular. Of course, the rhythm of this style can already be heard in productions from the 80s, but nowadays the development of technology allows for a clear emphasis on this style, especially in the rhythm section.

We invite you to listen, share the music with your friends and wish you good health.

Distribution by Rebeat Digital GmbH

Cover Art by Jens Esch Centurio.

2013 Warner Chappell Music