KROMPROOM announces EKS-port - ABS Remixes

The day 1 July 2013 is upon us and it is on this day that the EKS-port duo's single ABS will be released along with remixes. Piotr Krompiewski known as Kromproom announces the upcoming release.

Piotr Krompiewski Kromproom is a producer, composer, and co-founder of the KROMP ROOM RECORDS label. At the beginning of the 90s, he composed music modules on Amiga computers under many pseudonyms (yazz, jazz, krompiu). He was a member of the group Virtual Madness along with Marcin Kmiecik (Captain Zbig), Rafał Głębowski (Fatman), and Jacek Rudowski (AMI). Together they created Brain Killer, one of the first FPS games for the Amiga. He has been a member of the music projects EKS-port along with MC Else since 2008 and CbK along with Jens Esch Centurio since 2011. Kromproom has collaborated with Carlos Perón (ex Yello), and due to this cooperation has had work published by Eisenberg (whose owner is Carlos Perón) and Warner Chappell  Music. In 2009, along with MC Else, he founded the Kromp Room label, which is still going today. In 2012, the Kromp Room label was registered under the name KROMP ROOM RECORDS.

Hello all! I would like to say THANKS to Dubtron & Vulturius for your remixes. Additionally, I want to invite everyone on the first day of July to listen to and download the release EKS-port - ABS Remixes digital worldwide. Best greetings friends and keep in touch!

Cover art by MC Else

Before that, I still invite all interested listeners to listen, comment, and share the second EKS-port album entitled 7788 km/h, which features the original composition entitled ABS.

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