EKS-port - ABS Remixes - OUT NOW!

We invite you to stream and download the ABS Remixes release. It has been produced in support of the second EKS-port album called 7788 km/h. The issue includes remixes of artists like Dubtron from India, Vulturius from Poland, and Kromproom from Poland who is the other half of the EKS-port duo.

If you are a fan of electronic music, the main element of which is a strong and dynamic beat, this means that this release is just for you. This issue is a great extension and continuation of the beat-based style of the EKS-port duo's second album. The magic of the rhythm did not allow the invited artists to make calm interpretations. On the other hand, it is hardly surprising, as Vulturius, Dubtron and Kromproom mainly produce tracks with dynamically strong rhythms. There is no need to wait, we invite you to listen, comment and share this four-track single, which most probably pulls you with it to the dance floor.

Also available on other good music platforms worldwide!

Music distribution by Rebeat Digital GmbH


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