Dan Davis - Revolution, Baby! - February 2014!

The Argo-Verlag has been informed us, that the Novel "Revolution, Baby!" by Dan Davis is coming soon. The promotion of the upcoming book has started, which also be released in a limited edition with two CDs.

Limited Edition - The book including 2 CDs - ARGO VERLAG - Publication February 2014! ca. 500 Seiten, Hardcover, Science Fiction-Roman, als Limited Edition in der Kombination mit dem CD-Soundtrack von Carlos Perón feat. Centurio sowie der Bonus-CD "Revolution, Baby! - DARKNESS" von Jens Esch & Piotr Krompiewski. 49,90 EUR

The Science Fiction Novel by
Dan Davis
+official novel CD soundtrack by
Carlos Perón feat. Centurio
+bonus CD soundtrack "DARKNESS" by
Jens Esch CENTURIO & 
Piotr Krompiewski KROMPROOM