Kromproom - Artificial intelligence - Radio Edit - Free Listening on SoundCloud, YouTube and Radio Aspekt!

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Music is trying to find a way to keep the AI under the control and wants to explain to us the principle of the operating mode of a pinion inside a large machine.

We invite you to listen to the radio version of the track titled Artificial Intelligence from the upcoming single that is promoting Kromproom's upcoming new album. You can listen to the track, comment and share it using SoundCloud and YouTube platforms. Stay tuned.

Kromproom | Free Listening on SoundCloud.

Photos by Rafał Głębowski and Marek Holewiński. Edited by Krompiu.
Music written, produced, and mastered by Piotr Krompiewski. 
Music administrated by GEMA.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that from March 23 to March 29 the single is on air on Radio Aspekt. Transmission in hours: 10:20, 12:20, 14:20, 16:20. Winamp / iTunes / iPhone / Mac OS X, Windows Media Player,

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