Centurio and Kromproom - Darkness - Available Worldwide!

The bonus soundtrack entitled Darkness has been released. The music was composed for the dark fantasy novel entitled Revolution, Baby!, written by Dan Davis. Along with two CDs, the book is available to buy in limited edition and listened to and downloaded worldwide online. The first soundtrack was produced by Carlos Perón and Jens Esch Centurio, the Darkness soundtrack composed by Jens Esch Centurio and Piotr Krompiewski Kromproom. You are welcome!

Dan Davis Revolution, Baby! Science fiction novel "Original novel Soundtrack by CARLOS PERÓN (founder of the formation YELLO) feat. CENTURIO" + "Original novel BONUS-Soundtrack DARKNESS by CENTURIO & KROMPROOM".

Nothing around us is as it seems at first glance. When a young man meets a beautiful seductive woman, he is unaware of the great secret hidden behind her flawless façade. A scenario of murder and violence behind grey city facades holds the key that connects the past, thousands of years ago, with the present and the future. In the process, horrifying things come to light for humanity. The young man's encounter with the attractive beauty is anything but a coincidence. And the dreary big city façade turns out to be part of an eerie science-fiction scenario that questions the entire history of mankind and turns it upside down. Are we living in a big cleverly constructed production and lie with the aim of enslaving humanity? Has our timeline been manipulated? What is reality and what is illusion? Different time levels and stories, which at the beginning seem to be obviously without any connection, connect in an uncanny way and lead to an unexpected end. The novel lives from the idea that this could actually be the truth surrounding us, which could one day unexpectedly befall us in a similar form. And at the end, you too may ask yourself: "Was this a fictional story - or does it describe the reality that surrounds us? "A partly oppressively dark and threatening science fiction that leads the reader into the apocalypse.


Music administrated by GEMA.


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