EKS-port - Dog - Official Audio

From the 25th of April, you can listen to the full song entitled DOG, which has published on our YouTube channel. The track is taken from the soundtrack called ABGRUND, which has been produced for the autobiography of Daniel Bosch also know as Dan Davis and David Simon. Visualization is created by Marek Holewiński from Madness Graphics.

Music is written and produced by Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski. Lyrics and vocals by Eliška "MC Else" Krompiewska. Mixed and Mastered by EKS-port. Music administrated by GEMA.
Vision by Marek Holewiński (Madness Graphics)

"Der Song DOG erinnert stellenweise an die besten Tage von Bands wie CLOCK DVA..." (Daniel Bosch)

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