Kromproom and Tomek Grochola From Agressiva 69 Are Working On New Single

Breaking News: Piotr Krompiewski aka Kromproom and Tomek Grochola vocalist and co-founder of Polish industrial rock band called Agressiva 69, they are working on a new single. As there was a meeting between two artists? We'll find out soon and look forward to new information about the coming single Kromproom feat. Tomek Grochola. One thing we know, that it is going to be a piece of energetic music. Also, we hope that soon we will be able to share with you more information about their collaboration. Below brief information about the band.

Agressiva 69 is one of the first Polish bands of industrial rock, that was founded by Tomasz Grochola and Jacek Tokarczyk in 1987. In 1992 they released their debut album entitled Deus Ex Machina, which on the Polish music market was something new. The album was released on audiotape by SPV Records. The band has begun to play concerts and they played live on stage as the support of The Prodigy, Paradise Lost, New Model Army, The Mission, Front 242. The band has collaborated with artists such as Martin Atkins (drummer of the bands PIL, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Pigface), Wayne Hussey (known from activity in The Mission, Sisters of Mercy).

Artist: Agressiva 69 Track: Nie widać końca Album: In Release date: 2006
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