Photo session for the purpose of promoting a new single Kromproom feat. Tomek Grochola (Agressiva 69).

We proudly present Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski and Tomek Grochola singer and co-founder of the band Agressiva 69 are preparing promotion of their first single, that will be released at the beginning of 2017. Gentlemen took part in a photo session, so to take pictures, musicians chose tunnel ventilation of one of the largest underground car-parks in Cracow. Together with professional photographers have created an atmosphere reminiscent of movies like The Matrix or Underworld. We are looking forward to seeing more pictures, whose authors are Agnieszka Slabonska and Janusz Slabonski. Also, we are waiting to hear sounds from the forthcoming single.

"We appreciate each other, what each of us has achieved so far in the music, so we gave each other artistic freedom. I am proud of the cooperation with Tomek.

Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski

"Shame about that we had no occasion to meet earlier, certainly it will not be our first and last single.

Tomek Grochola (Agressiva 69)

From right to left: Tomek Grochola (Agressiva 69), Janusz Słaboński, Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski. Photo by Agnieszka Słabońska.


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