A2069 by Agressiva 69 Available Worldwide!

From the 6th of February, the EP A2069 is available to stream and download worldwide. The edition can be easily considered as a new release of Agressiva 69. This issue is an attempt to musically connect two worlds based on the main character, which is the vinyl re-edition of the A69's debut album entitled Deus Ex Machina from 1993. The vinyl and CD are available to buy here in Requiem Records store. On the EP there are two music covers performing by the bands Męczenie Owiec and Astheria including two remixes produced by the duo Kings in White.

From left to right: Robert Tuta, Filip Mozul, Tomek Grochola, Jacek Tokarczyk

These music covers show the impact of the A69 band on young artists who proudly present their works of the covered tracks Agressiva 2069 (Męczenie Owiec) and Koniec Dnia (Astheria). These two interpretations move in the broadly understood genre of rock-metal music and this is the first world that resounds from the first two songs. Next, there are two remixes, which, present the world of electronic music, produced by the sampling technique, mixed electronic sounds with metal guitars, vocals, and all together are mixed with dynamic electronic drums. There are opinions that this is the way Agressiva 69's new recordings should be sound. Additionally, we are publishing the EP on our official YouTube channel, so you are welcome to listen, share, and review. Stay tuned!

Coverart by Michał Kuraś

In addition, we invite you to a concert by the band Agressiva 69 on the Anty Radio on the 20th of February in hours from 22:00 to 24:00. You can find more information at the event.

1993 Agressiva 69
2019 Requiem Records


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