Kromproom's Special Edition Of The Single It Has Started Again Worldwide On The 8.4.2019

From an early age, Piotr Krompiewski aka Kromproom has been fascinated with Demoscene, which is a subculture of computer users and an informal association of creators involved in creating demonstration programs showing their skills. The history of Demoscene back to the early 80s, so now this is the huge world of Digi-Art. If you are interested in it, we recommend you visit this website, as well as TheDemoTube channel, and also you can read about this phenomenon on Wikipedia.

In 2005, Kromproom produced the track entitled It Has Started Again, which 7 years later was digitally released by our label. On the single, there is a bonus track entitled Definition (it is not easy to defined). From what we know Piotr has always wanted to hear his own music in a spectacular demonstration program. When he was looking for video material to the track Tramzone for the EKS-port project on the Vimeo platform, he came across the breathtaking work of an artist with the nickname BEEPLE, Mike Winkelmann is hiding under the nickname. Mike comes from the USA is a graphic designer, creates rendered images, deals with animation, 3D effects using graphics software, and his work is under the Creative Commons license. Mike's amazing art reminds us of the achievements of the creators of Demoscene. Kromproom became fascinated by BEEPLE's short film entitled ZERO-DAY and his VJ loops animations short videos because of it Piotr decided to release a special edition of the single IHSA using Mike's work. On the basis of these videos, we've created a new single cover and a video clip to the track Definition (it is not easy to defined). Kromproom contacted by email with BEEPLE, who personally wrote back the answer giving permission to use his work for commercial purposes. And in this way, from the visual materials of Mike, the entire graphic design of the special edition of the forthcoming release. The single along with the video clip will be released digitally on the 8th of April in 2019.


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