Ummmet Remixes by Agressiva 69

On the 20th of November in 2019, two Agressiva 69's issues were released to stream and download worldwide. The review of the original Ummmet album was published in the previous article. We are going to focus on the second digital release entitled Ummmet Remixes.

The album Ummmet is a piece of good, but musically different work done by the band Agressiva 69 in the years 2010-2012. The KROMP ROOM RECORDS label could not pass next to this musical journey indifferently, so together with the vocalist and co-founder of A69 Tomek Grochola they decided to resurrect the album, releasing it to stream and download worldwide. In addition to the aforementioned release, there are four remixes to support and promote the original album. And here let's focus on the mentioned remixes playing nearly 50 minutes, creating the second four-track album Ummmet Remixes, to which you can successfully glue the alternative title Ummmet "B-Side".

In 2012, at the time when the Ummmet album premiered, Bogusław Salnikow produced his remix. His short, but really effective and intense mix with loud-sounding Ummmet samples mixed with classical instruments creates a truly unique composition. You can hear piano and string instruments such as double bass. Bogusław takes us on a nearly 3-minute ride without a handle, serving a musical dish cooked with electro-industrial precision, seasoned with classic and slightly fragrant dubstep. This remix was not on the originally released CD, but it has now officially appeared on the Ummmet Remixes digital album and is opening this release.

The next remix is a nearly 10-minute trance-techno-rock-breakbeat track produced by the Kings in White duo. The duo formed Tomek Grochola (Agressiva 69) and Piotr Krompiewski (Kromproom). They are serving the listeners an incredibly danceable composition, mixing sounds from Ummmet with a programmed very mechanically sounding beat. The whole music is playing like a speeding machine, which at some point works at such a speed that it reaches its limits. The duo does not hide that producing remixes is for them to work on the sound that they will definitely want to use on their debut album. Stay tuned!

The third track is an incredibly mixed long-playing ambient made of heavily deformed sounds from Ummmet. The authors of this over 28-minute production are Adrian Anioł and Eric Zimmer. Original sounds passed through a mass of effects, mixed in the created space, create an amazing atmosphere reminiscent of the early achievements of such a formation as FSOL (The Future Sound Of London). It remains for us to sit in a comfortable chair, put on headphones, press PLAY, and fly somewhere into the unknown. The mix of both artists was made during the release of the Ummmet album and just like in the case of the Bogusław Salnikow mix, it appears officially on the Ummmet Remixes digital release.

The last track is a 7-minute mix produced by Neural Rust. Deep bass with spatially playing sounds from Ummmet takes us to Detroit, to the place where dub techno was born. This minimalist approach to the mix finally gives us literally musical magma, which is listened to perfectly. Neural Rust and artist Tom Dagone are the founders of Sensitive Kemistry, which releases music in this style. The remix goes well at the end of the musical journey with the album Ummmet Remixes and shows that in Poland you can create really valuable and very good techno.

Ummmet Remixes is a mix of underground intelligent electronics, sophisticated sound, and creativity of the artists who took part in this project. Tomek Grochola at one point wanted to name this release Ummmet 2, but this name is reserved for the second continuation of this very different view on music, which Agressiva 69 proudly and boldly admits.

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