Kromproom - Black Import (Special Edition) OUT NOW!

On the 12th of January, took place the premiere of "Black Import". It is the debut of Piotr Kompiewski's original music project, who has been cooperating with artists such as Carlos Perón (co-founder of Yello), Agressiva 69, Jens Esch Centurio and Blitzkrieg.

Photo by Jerzy Szmit

Hiding under the name Kromproom, Krompiewski has self-published his debut entitled "Black import" in 2003.

What is the author saying about his music?

Kromproom: The time I spent composing and producing was an escape for me from the unpleasant scenes that were taking place in my family home, so I poured into these compositions a lot of emotions that accompanied me at that time. After 17 years have passed since the publication of ‘Black Import’ and I can honestly say that faith and music saved me from many problems.

The present times are very different in terms of music promotion. For example, because of streaming services. That is why Krompiewski decided to re-publish his debut after all. However, it is not precisely the same release - it is an entirely remastered album version with two remixes.

Interestingly, Carlos Perón, co-founder and former member of the Yello formation, became interested in the music from "Black Import". He found Krompiewski's music on the internet and contacted him on the MySpace platform. Next, he offered him, among other things, to publish the Kromproom music under the name of Warner Chappell Music.

Yello ca. 1981: From left to right Carlos Perón, Dieter Meier, Boris Blank

This is what Perón said about Kromproom's music:
When I listened to the album, in my opinion, Kromproom is the new Boris Blank. If the Tranceonic project continued, it would create the music you hear on the Black Import album. 

Tranceonic - a duo of Carlos Perón and Boris Blank, existed in the years 1976-1979, even before the formation of Yello.

It has been beginning of the cooperation between the two musicians, but mainly the opening of new possibilities for the Kromproom project.

The re-edition is promoted by a video for the track "Incorporate", which is opening the release and is also an invitation to listen to the whole album.

The video for this production was made from shots that I could download from the Videvo platform under a Creative Commons license. The shots show the city of Bangkok at night, shot while using a drone – said Krompiewski.

The entire album is now available to stream and download worldwide. We especially recommend it to fans of electronic music and those who want to broaden their musical horizons.

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