Tomasz Grochola (Agressiva 69) was Alex Slawinski's guest in Radio Wnet's London Studio

 On the 29th of September Tomasz Grochola from the band, Agressiva 69 was a guest online at the London studio of Radio Wnet. The interview was conducted by Alex Slawinski.

Alex Slawinski

We would like to invite everyone to the interesting interview between Alex Slawinski and Tomasz Grochola. Gentlemen's really have a lot to talk about. All the more so as soon the new single of Agressiva 69 entitled "Dlaczego nie ty" will be released. Tomasz Grochola revealed more information about the new composition, talking about eight remixes, which are also on release. Additionally, Alex Slawinski conducts the interview in such a way that Tomek talks about his inspirations and musical fascinations and mentions the band's longer break in releasing new compositions. However, it sounds in the interview that the band, despite the long break in publishing, has not suspended its activity and has no intention of flying the white flag.

Tomasz Grochola

The entire interview is conducted in Polish but we went a step further and posted the entire broadcast on our official YouTube channel with English subtitles.

Many thanks to Iza Smolarek of Radio Wnet for making this interview available on Mixcloud. You are welcome!

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