EKS-port - I forgive but not forget - Official Audio

EKS-port is a dynamic musical duo co-founded by Piotr Krompiewski, also known as Kromproom, and Eliška Krompiewska, the talented MC Else. Their collaborative journey began in 2008, culminating in the release of their debut album, "eks-peryment," which made its mark on the music scene in 2011 under the esteemed Yellow Sunshine Beat label. It's worth noting that this label was established by none other than Carlos Perón, a co-founder and former member of the iconic electronic music duo Yello.

Head of artist MC Else in headphones, wearing a red hood pulled over her eyes

The debut album, a testament to EKS-port's creative prowess, showcased a unique fusion of electronic elements, with a notable guest appearance by the renowned German singer and music producer, Jens Esch Centurio, adding an extra layer of musical depth.

One standout track from this groundbreaking album is "I Forgive But Not Forget." Described by one listener as a captivating blend of dark psychedelic chill and mid-tempo breaks, the song exemplifies EKS-port's ability to craft immersive and diverse musical experiences. The entire album, a sonic journey in itself, is available for global audiences to listen to and download.

Excitingly, rumors circulating within the musical realm hint at EKS-port's dedicated efforts towards their much-anticipated second album. What adds to the thrill is the confirmed news that their sophomore release will grace the catalog of the Kromp Room Records label. As we eagerly await the unveiling of their upcoming musical venture, we warmly invite all music enthusiasts to delve into and share the enchantment of EKS-port's inaugural album, "eks-peryment." Stay tuned for further musical revelations!

The captivating image of MC Else, the artistic force behind the lyrics and vocals, immersed in her craft, adorned in headphones with a distinctive red hood pulled over her eyes, serves as a visual testament to the depth and intensity of EKS-port's musical expression.

Key Credits for "eks-peryment":

Music by Kromproom and MC Else
Lyrics and vocals by MC Else
Produced by EKS-port
Mastering at the prestigious in-studio LIQUID GOLD by Martin Dimitrov
Executive Producer: Carlos Perón
Release date: 25.11.2011
Label: Yellow Sunshine Beat
Published by EISENBERG/WARNER CHAPPELL, Hamburg 2011