EKS-port - Nebe - Review

The track NEBE is taken from 2011's 'eks-peryment' debut album of EKS-port duo. This song is dedicated to MC Else's daddy, who passed away from cancer in 2008.

Head of artist MC Else in headphones, wearing a red hood pulled over her eyes

The first album entitled eks-peryment of EKS-port duo was not released by KROMP ROOM RECORDS but the next album, which we know is in the process of recording, will be released on our label. Now briefly about the song Nebe.

This is one of the tracks that was originally going to be on Kromproom's next album. The track was originally titled Flight of the Pterodactyl. MC Else and Kromproom decided that, alongside other tracks, this production would also be on EKS-port's debut album. To the instrumental composition, the duo added rapped lyrics by MC Else and deformed the recorded track through a vocoder, achieving the effect of a female rapping robot. 
MC Else then decided to dedicate the song to her dad, who died of cancer and with whom she had a great relationship. This also led to a video, which was edited from beautiful shots of nature and its phenomena.

2011 Dark Daze Music
2011 Warner Chappell Music


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