EKS-port - Nebe - Review

Review of the track "NEBE" from the debut album "eks-peryment" by the EKS-port duo:

Embedded within the sonic landscape of the experimental album "eks-peryment," the track "NEBE" emerges as a cornerstone in the listener's musical journey. This piece, stemming from the creative collaboration of MC Else and Kromproom, captivates attention not only for its sound but also for the profound emotions it vibrates with.

Head of artist MC Else in headphones, wearing a red hood pulled over her eyes

Initially conceived as part of Kromproom's forthcoming album titled "Flight of the Pterodactyl," "NEBE" swiftly found its place on EKS-port's debut record. Here, the listener gets to experience an extraordinary fusion of melodic musical lines with rap verses delivered by MC Else. They are led into a remarkable soundscape where the transformed vocal sound, achieved through a vocoder, creates the impression of the machinery itself narrating the story.

However, it's the deep emotional dimension of "NEBE" that distinguishes this track among others on the album. MC Else decided to dedicate this piece to her father, who lost his life to cancer in 2008. The lyrics become not only the artist's narrative but also a tribute to someone close. It's a beautiful convergence of personal intimacy with artistic expression, making "NEBE" an even more poignant experience for the listener.

The visual aspect of this track cannot be overlooked either. The music video, composed of nature shots and phenomena, perfectly complements the mood of the song, adding another emotional layer to it.

In conclusion, "NEBE" not only showcases the artistic sensitivity of the EKS-port duo but also demonstrates the power of music in expressing the deepest feelings and memories. It's one of those tracks that simply must be heard and experienced.

2011 Dark Daze Music
2011 Warner Chappell Music


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