Soundcloud Playlist Promo Set

We warmly invite you to listen to and share our playlist on SoundCloud. It is a playlist of hard-hitting, for those listeners who like to jump to good beats. We guarantee a lot of electro trance electronica with a touch of rock spirit.

Listen, share, and review our playlist on SoundCloud!


1. Agressiva 69 - Agressiva 2069 (Kings in White 2069 Remix)
2. Sabes — Kings in White - Road (Sabes Remix)
3. Kromproom ft. Tomek Grochola - Road (Radio Edit)
4. Kromproom - Dub room - Radio Aspekt On Air
5. Kromproom - Artificial Intelligence - Radio Edit
6. Kromproom - Annihilating rhythm - Radio edit
7. EKS-port ABS (Psychic Force Remix)
8. EKS-port ABS (Radio edit)
9. Kromproom - Danced with a robot - feat. Centurio
10. EKS-port - Aggressive Driver
12. CENTURIO - Psycho Train
13. EKS-port - 1-2-3-4-5-R (Radio edit)
14. CENTURIO - Immer weiter (Radio edit)

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