Centurio & Kromproom Are Working On Darkness

Two producers Jens Esch CENTURIO and Piotr Krompiewski KROMPROOM are working on a soundtrack 'Darkness' based on the Novel 'Revolution, Baby!' by Dan Davis.

Publishing by Warner Chappell Music

Jens Esch Centurio and Piotr Krompiewski received a proposal to compose the soundtrack from writer, painter, artist Daniel Bosch, also known by the pseudonyms Dan Davis and David Simon. The soundtrack is produced for a fantasy novel entitled Revolution, Baby! It is an apocalyptic novel combining genres such as fantasy, thriller, politics and espionage elements. We are very curious what kind of musical suit Centurio and Kromproom will wear for this book. More information soon.

The book will also have its own special edition, which will additionally contain two CDs.


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