CENTURIO & KROMPROOM have got a proposal!

Jens Esch CENTURIO and Piotr Krompiewski Kromproom have got a proposal to produce a bonus soundtrack to the science fiction novel 'Revolution, Baby!' by DAN DAVIS. The book is set in the atmosphere of a political factual and scientific thriller. The book is to be released with two CDs.

A number of great artists and musicians are going to take part in the overall project: Carlos Perón (founder of the formation Yello), Jens Esch (Centurio, singer of the now-defunct band Riefenstahl), Siegfried Stern, Sorroth Von Grafschaft, now unfortunately deceased Man Curtz, Mandylion, the singer Lucille Brut, Dystopia and the metal band Hermetic Box, JK (Von Thronstahl, former Weissglut & Forthcoming Fire), Miss Vamp, the speaker Rainer Bärensprung.

More information www.revolutionbaby.de/news