A review of the remixed track titled the ocean originally composed by Centurio

The last track is a remix of the ocean track produced by Piotr Kromproom Krompiewski. The remix is close to the original composition, introducing the listener to the world of the ocean. Jens Esch is looking for a respite in the water world, where you can find peace, escape from the information overload.

Everyone needs tranquillity. When you are tired, overworked, it is good to have a place to rest at that moment. Water is life. This remix, just like the original composition, pulsates rhythmically, putting the listener in a light trance, and Jens' vocals are calming.

Listen, share, and review the remixed track, which is taken from the forthcoming EP Freedom by CENTURIO. Jens Esch CENTURIO | Free Listening on SoundCloudKromproom | Free Listening on SoundCloud!