The Video Psycho Train Promoting EP Freedom by Centurio

Today we present the next track from Jens Esch Centurio's upcoming EP. As promised by the artist himself, the song was made into an interesting music video. You are welcome.

It is a return to the roots, more specifically to the time when Jens Esch was performing on stage with his metal band. Psycho Train follows the listener in an interesting and atmospheric way. Every person follows their thoughts somewhere, they are afraid, they do not know what to do, they lose control, they do not know who is the driver of their thoughts. Jens wants to give us an important message, so that we don't go crazy, get off this mental train and start living life to the full, enjoying every moment. Let's not go crazy.

Psycho Train is taken from the EP Freedom 2012
Published by Eisenberg / Warner Chappell Music 2012