SK - ASPIC 02 - Mini Dub Techno Compilation!

We invite you to listen and download the compilation ASPIC 02 that has been mastered in our KROMP ROOM RECORDS studio. Below are a few words about the SK label that released this compilation. The information comes directly from the label's website.

In love with metallurgy, the gibberish of lathes, obsessed with the subtle of­­ high-voltage transformers… We are a group of enthusiasts forming electronic sounds with a recognized form of musical expression. We express an industrialized environment, a dehumanized world combined with a virtual illusion of a happy life, encased in silicon structures charged with electricity. We share the effects of our work, so Sensitive Kemistry publish in the network on a voluntary basis, for free, based on Creative Commons licenses. We are active outside the network, mainly in the UK (London), participating in clubs and festival initiatives. If you are fans of electronics and would like to know anything about our work… join us!

LISTEN to IT ON YouTube!

Also, you can listen and download all compilations from the official website of the SK label under the link

Mastered Compilation by 
Mariusz Wnuk and Piotr Krompiewski at KROMP ROOM RECORDS studio