Revolution, Baby! by Dan Davis - News April 2013

Further information: A number of great artists and musicians took part in the overall project.

Carlos Perón (founder of the band YELLO), Jens Esch (CENTURIO, singer of the NDH band RIEFENSTAHL), Siegfried Stern, SORROTH VON GRAFSCHAFT, the late Man Curtz, MANDYLION, the singer Lucille Brut, Steve from the Black Metal band DYSTOPIA and the Metal band HERMETIC BOX, J. K. (VON THRONSTAHL, formerly WEISSGLUT & FORTHCOMING FIRE), Miss Vamp, the speaker Rainer Bärensprung, Piotr Krompiewski (KROMPROOM / EKS-port) and singer MC Else.


Science Fiction Novel by
Dan Davis

Official Novel soundtrack by
Carlos Perón 
feat. Centurio

Bonus soundtrack "DARKNESS" by
Jens Esch CENTURIO & 
Piotr Krompiewski KROMPROOM