EKS-port announces the upcoming ABS Remixes Vol.2

 We would like to inform you, that EKS-port ABS Remixes Vol.2 is coming soon. Next dose of interesting remixes, that they have created up Psychic Force band from Germany and electronic music composer Jamick from Poland. The remixes are produced for the promotion of the second EKS-port album called 7788 km/h.

EKS-port duo. Photo by JK.

We will introduce each of the following artists in separate articles. You will find out how their adventure with music has started and what kind of music they create that interested listeners will surely want to hear. To warm up the atmosphere of anticipation, we leave you the published photos, we invite you to listen to the album 7788 km/h, ABS Remixes Vol.1 and we wish you much health and patience. Stay tuned!

Andrzej "Jamick" Kulbiński.

The Psychic Force from Germany. From left to right:
Jörg Charnowski, Michelle Christiansen.

The street date is on the 1st of October 2013. Stay tuned!

EKS-port - 7788 km/h

EKS-port - ABS Remixes
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