More information about the band Psychic Force from Germany

The Psychic Force was already founded in 1990 by Jörg Charnowski (Synths Programming, Effects, Samples) and Michelle Christiansen (Music, Synths Programming, Vocals).

The Psychic Force, from left to right Michelle Christiansen, Jörg Charnowski

The band was based in Bielefeld in Germany and got two additional band members, Michael Schadeck (Music, Synths Programming), Sven Klose (Lyrics, Vocals), who already left the band in the mid-90s. Today, Michelle and Jörg still continue making music influenced by The Klinik, Skinny Puppy, The Prodigy, Clockdva, Haujobb, Frontline Assembly, and many more old school and new school electronic artists. Their style is very eclectic and whereas Jörg and Michelle made old school dark electro and EBM back in the days, their sound has become an update and nowadays pretty much covers all aspects of dark electro music. 
At the moment, The Psychic Force is working on their comeback as they haven't released an album or single in the last two decades. But the passion for music is still there and while Michelle works passionately as a DJ, there will be enough time in the future to surprise the market with a new fresh approach and a new definition of what's dark, electronic, and danceable! Watch out!

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