EKS-port - ABS Remixes Vol. 2 - Review

Nearly a month ago took place the pre-premiere of the release of the second part of remixes of the track ABS. We invite you to read the short light review about EKS-port - ABS Remixes Vol.2.

ABS (The Psychic Force Remix)

Jörg Charnowski and Michelle Christiansen on stage during the psychic force live act
The Psychic Force live. Photo by Rene Nowotny.

The release opens with the remix of the German duo The Psychic Force. This is a huge dose of music in the style of EBM, additionally is mixing with dubstep at one moment. In the original version of the track you can hear the car braking and the wheels boxing. In the remix, the sound of braking and wheel boxing has been enhanced by the sound of a car crashing. The voice of MC Else has been slightly distorted, which gives the effect of vocals that have been passed through a guitar effect. After listening to the remix, we found that the gentlemen of The Psychic Force put a lot of work into their interpretation. The remix made a huge impression on us, listen for yourself and judge for yourself.

ABS (Jamick remix one)

Then we get a dose of two remixes produced by Polish musician Andrzej "Jamick" Kulbinski. These two interpretations form one whole. It is a journey into the world of synthesiser sounds. Jamick's musical tastes can be heard in the remixes. The two soundtracks move in the stylistics of classical electronic music and touch upon such artists as Jean Michael Jarre, Marek Biliński, Władysław Komendarek.

ABS (Jamick remix two)

Without brakes (Bonus track)

The last track is the bonus composition entitled Without brakes. It is over 3 minutes long trance beat wave of sound that ends the series of remixes of the track ABS. The atmosphere of the track is reminiscent of the achievements of such bands as Underworld or Fluke. We invite all interested listeners to listen, comment and share this release online with their friends.

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