Blitzkrieg & Kings in White

Blitzkrieg is a Polish cold-wave band founded in Łódź in 1986 by Piotr "Dyda" Czyszanowski (vocal, bass guitar), Tomasz Wojciechowski (guitar) and Tomasz Bryczek (drums). They recorded one album titled Holy War in 1991. In 2019, the band has returned on stage. In the same year, the album Holy War has re-released, and next to this reissue the issuance entitled Good Times has published.

What does our label have to do with this? It turns out that a lot.

On the mini-album Good Times, there is the track titled In Cold Blood. The duo Kings in White (Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski and Tomek Grochola from Agressiva 69) produced an official remix of the track. The vocalist of the band Blitzkrieg really likes the remix, and he has been decided to produce a video. It all has coincided with the preparations for the release of our first official compilation entitled Beatroom 01. We have agreed that the Blitzkrieg band and the Kings in White duo are promoting the forthcoming compilation. We are going to write more details in the next article and now invite you to listen to the original composition In Cold Blood at the live version playing on the Soundedit Festival in 2019.

In a few days, we are publishing a teaser of the forthcoming video and more information about the compilation Beatroom 01. To increase interest, we are publishing the photo from the Pittsburgh City in the United States, where among other places the video is creating. Stay tuned!

Photo by Peter Guellard

Kings in White - Photo by Janusz Słaboński

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