On the 22 of April at 20:00 on our official YouTube channel took place the premiere of the video entitled Blitzkrieg - In Cold Blood - Kings in White remix. This song is opening the first music compilation titled Beatroom 01. On the 29 of April 2020, the compilation is available to stream and download worldwide.

Piotr Krompiewski is writing in the article on his official blog on how the idea for the video was born. The idea came when the final version of the remix was heard by Peter Guellard, who lives permanently in the city of Pittsburgh in the USA. At the same time, Peter received permission to use the amazing shots of the city of Łódź, shot from a drone by Jarosław Miszczak, who recorded it two days after the announcement of the state of the epidemic in Poland.

In addition next to the beautiful shots from dron, Peter needed additional footages, so he and one of his friends Robbie Venus went to Pittsburgh streets and the abandoned industrial district, where they shot great shots by themself. In addition, Charmaine Freemonk is adding to the clip her image, as well as Tomek Grochola, Piotr Krompiewski, and Tomek Mechu Wojciechowski, additionally, Grzegorz Niewiadomski is the supervisor of photography. When the video was almost ready, the trailer has been published on the 6 of April 2020.

In our opinion, the effect is staggering, incredibly photogenic Łódź and shots from the city of Pittsburgh are showing a realistic pandemic climate on both sides of the ocean. Everyone deserves special attention. Peter Guellard, who singing moves to the rhythm of the music along with Robbie Venus who is playing on the synthesizer called Virus, Charmaine Freemonk is playing with fire and juggling the light, Tomek Grochola and Piotr Krompiewski are inside an old black and white television, and Tomek Mechu Wojciechowski is playing in the personality of a madman playing on guitar. The end is very surprising, the last shot shows Tomek Grochola's son Borys, who is sitting against the background of a window with open blinds, laughs spontaneously, bringing everyone hopes for a better tomorrow.

Credits: KROMP ROOM RECORDS PRESENTS In association with PSYCHOTRIBE media IN COLD BLOOD Kings in White remix. A film by Peter Guellard Featuring Tomek Mechu Wojciechowski, Robbie Venus, Peter Guellard, Charmaine Evonne, Tomek Grochola, Piotr Krompiewski. Music by Blitzkrieg and Kings in White. Photography by Grzegorz Niewiadomski and Peter Guellard. Drone Photography by Jarosław Miszczak. Shot on location in Pittsburgh, USA, and Łódź, Poland during the 2020 pandemic while adhering to social distancing practices.

YouTube - Jarosław Miszczak
YouTube - Blitzkrieg Poland
YouTube - Peter Guellard