The new Kromproom's single is available worldwide

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Kromproom's latest single, "It Has Started Again," is now available for streaming and download worldwide! Immerse yourself in the rhythmic ambient glory that defines this well-produced masterpiece.

Graphically disintegrating in perspective red KrompRoom logo on black background

Ambient Excellence Unleashed

"It Has Started Again" is a testament to Kromproom's mastery of ambient music. The track offers not only one but two versions of the title piece. As you embark on this sonic journey, be prepared for a bonus track titled "Definition," which takes listeners on a trance-breakbeat expedition into the cyberpunk universe. Kromproom skillfully incorporates his distinctive rhythm section, ensuring that his signature style remains both known and recognizable.

Futuristic Soundscapes Unveiled

Dive into the world of Piotr Krompiewski's futuristic soundscape, where every beat and loop is meticulously crafted. "It Has Started Again" encapsulates everything from deep bass tones to hypnotic mid-tone sound loops, seamlessly mixed by Kromproom. The result is a musical experience that demands your attention and time, promising to extract the last drops of creativity from his equipment.

A Sonic Fusion of Past and Future

In this musical exploration, Kromproom effortlessly blends the past and the future, creating an auditory experience that transcends time. The track is a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of ambient music, offering listeners a glimpse into a realm where rhythm and atmosphere collide.