Immersive Sensory Experience: Exploring Kromproom's 'It Has Started Again

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Piotr Kromproom Krompiewski's latest single, "It Has Started Again," released on April 4, 20212. From the moment you lay eyes on the carefully selected image accompanying the track, you're transported into a realm of captivating visuals and ambient rhythms.

Graphically disintegrating in perspective red KrompRoom logo on black background

The imagery chosen for "It Has Started Again" is nothing short of breathtaking. With vibrant colors and intricate details, it serves as the perfect visual counterpart to Kromproom's evocative soundscapes. As you gaze upon the graphically disintegrating red KrompRoom logo against a backdrop of darkness, you can't help but feel drawn into the enigmatic world of Kromproom's music.

But the journey doesn't end there. You're invited to experience the full sensory immersion of the track by watching its accompanying video. Set against a backdrop of pristine water, the video captures the mesmerizing movement of colorful paints as they swirl and dance, creating a symphony of hues and patterns. Paired with Kromproom's ambient music, the result is a breathtaking visual spectacle that enchants and enthralls.

"It Has Started Again" is not just a single—it's a testament to Kromproom's artistic vision and penchant for pushing boundaries. Known for his mastery of blending ambient sounds with deep bass frequencies, Kromproom takes listeners on a sonic journey unlike any other. With each note and beat, he invites us to immerse ourselves in a world of introspection and contemplation, where the boundaries between sound and vision blur into one.

And the best part? This sonic masterpiece is available for digital streaming and download worldwide, ensuring that listeners everywhere can partake in the magic of Kromproom's music. So don't wait—dive into the world of "It Has Started Again" today and experience the beauty and wonder for yourself. Visit Kromproom's YouTube channel for more mesmerizing visuals and captivating sounds, and let yourself be transported to a realm where music knows no bounds.

The single is digitally available to stream and download worldwide from the 4th of April, 2012. 


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