Verity Vian Presents The Forthcoming Album Sovjetunion by Centurio!

The new Centurio's album is coming soon! Including exclusive remixes by Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski. November 2012 is the time for fans of INDUSTRIAL, EBM, and TBM music.

It is getting closer and closer to the release of the album entitled Sovjetunion. During the promotion from the visual side we can admire Verity Vian, whose photos were artistically processed by Jens Esch Centurio. The listed tracklist intrigues us and increases our curiosity. We have the feeling that a strong album is coming. Stay tuned.

Powerful tracklist:
1. Krasnoyarsk Reactor
2. UdSSR
3. Lenin Calling
4. Leningrad
5. Call me now in Pripyat
6. Murmansk
7. Golden Moscow
8. AK47 Alert (Izhevsk)
9. Chernobyl Reactor 4
10. Toxic City
11. Running in Siberia
Bonus tracks 
12. Call me now in Pripyat (KrompRoomRemix)
13. Krasnoyarsk Reactor (KrompRoomRemix)

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