On March 6th out by KROMP ROOM RECORDS a new release of Polish-Czech-based music project EKS-port, entitled "7788 km/h".

Act EKS-port is a Polish-Czech based duo, established in 2008 by Kromproom (Poland) & MC Else (Czech Republic). On March 6th comes out their second long-play album, entitled "7788 km/h". The first release of EKS-port was available in a digital version in 2011 by the "Dark Daze Music" label, whose owner is Carlos Peron (ex Yello). The new CD is done by their own label KrompRoomRecords. Longplay presented 12 energy tracks, talking about technology & motor passion, and contains a fusion of many different genres of music: from Break Beat, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, IDM to EBM, whole served listeners in a specific group’s style. In August 2012 put out a maxi-single entitled: "1-2-3-4-5-R", which promoted an upcoming album jointly with a music video.

Via KROMP ROOM RECORDS’ Soundcloud can be checked out a full, opening track from "7788 km/h", which is entitled "Aggressive Driver".

Snippets of the album can listen on the distributor’s server under this link.

01 Aggressive Driver
02 100 Octane (I love my car)
03 Fusion - Skit
04 1-2-3-4-5-R
05 7788 RPM
06 Gasoil y Gasolina
07 Halogen & Xenon - Skit
08 ABS
09 Start-Stop System
10 Klaxon - Skit
11 1-2-3-4-5-RAP
12 Tempomat

Distribution Rebeat Digital GmbH
Author: NataliaElanor
Translator: NataliaElanor