EKS-port New Album Called 7788 kmh - OUT NOW!

 Just as the EKS-port duo had announced, so it happened. The second album entitled 7788 kmh is now available on the internet for listening and downloading worldwide.

We present you the second album of the duo EKS-port entitled 7788 km/h. The duo was founded by Eliška Krompiewska-Haplova known as MC Else from the Czech Republic and Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski from Poland in 2008. Apart from being married, they shared a love for different styles of electronic music, and now we can present you the result of that love. The duo's aim was to create a very rhythmically breakbeat album, and the track titles show MC Else's love for the automotive world.

Nowadays it is difficult to come up with something new and surprising in music. We have a limited number of sounds in an octave, but technology comes to our aid. In EKS-port's music you can hear a brilliant combination of synth sounds with sampling, which is the main element of this album.

Finally, we would like to ask one question. Were they able to achieve what the duo decided?
In our opinion, of course, yes but 
you will judge for yourself.

2013 Distribution Rebeat Digital GmbH


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