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The word robot comes from the Slavic word robot, meaning hard work, effort. It became popular after the play R.U.R. (Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti), written by the Czech writer Karel Čapek. Although it originally referred to living beings - artificially produced, simplified versions of humans designed for hard work, today the word primarily refers to mechanical devices.


Ballroom Dancing Robots. Photo by Eric.

The development of technology allows you to dance with a robot.

Looking at the development of technology in today's world, it no longer seems far-fetched that the day is coming when robots will exist alongside humans on the streets. Companies specialising in the development of robotics are competing with each other to improve, for example, the movements of robots so that they increasingly resemble human movements.

That is why we come to you with a musical proposal. The song Danced with a robot is perfect for dancing, where you can try to imitate the movement of a robot. If you don't feel like dancing today, we invite you to use your imagination, while listening to this song, try to imagine that you are dancing with a robot.

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